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Introducing mynd, your mind coach

Mental health is of paramount importance. Caring for the well-being of our inner self enables us to find balance and gives us the ability to deal more easily with the challenging aspects of our lives.

mynd is an online coaching service specifically geared to helping you overcome difficult situations and achieve your goals.

We take care of you

Now is the time to take care of yourself, to restore and preserve your mental balance!

If you feel that you need support to deal with anxiety, stress, relationship issues, or to further your own personal development, mynd is the place for you.

The mynd online platform gives you access to a network of qualified psychologists and coaches available to listen to you and support you in achieving your goals on a daily basis.

Thanks to the cognitive-behavioural methodology, our coaches offer their assistance with fast-acting, simple methods and in total confidentiality.

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Talk to experienced and verified psychologists, in all confidentiality.

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Our coaches use cognitive-behavioral therapy to guide you.

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& affordable​

Get real-time coaching within hours for a fair price.

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