About mynd

mynd is an online coaching service created to help you cope with challenging situations and guide you to achieve your life goals.

mynd is for everyone who needs to cope with a difficult situation or tries to achieve a challenging goal. Whether it is dealing with anxiety, stress, relationships problems or having a dream of self improvement, mynd is here to give you a helping hand.

In case you are still unsure if mynd is the right thing for you, you can write to Emily at emily@mynd.ch.

The simple answer is that you can use mynd with a subscription or on a per-per-use basis.

To help you decide which model is better for you, we offer a free trial. It’s really easy to get started – you just answer a few questions to explain your challenge or problem and immediately afterwards you will be able to set up a time for your first and free session with your coach. Then the coach will help you define possible next steps and you can decide what plan is better for you.

Unfortunately not, mynd is meant for people at least 18 years old. If you are younger and need someone to talk to about something that troubles you, you can do one of the following:

If you are still at school, there is probably a school psychologist who can help you with your problems

You can always try to talk to your parents or a legal guardian. Sometimes we forget that people who are closest to us can actually help us the most effectively.

There are experts you can talk to on the phone such as the Pro Juventute Help Line. Just dial 147 on your phone.

If you want to lead a more balanced life and reduce the impact of “downs”, there are several reasons to use mynd. It’s completely online so you can talk about your problems discreetly from anywhere you choose to. Getting somebody to talk to is quicker than with the usual ways and it also saves your time you would otherwise spend travelling to psychologist. Last but not least we have experienced coaches (trained psychologists) with degrees from prestigious universities and you can even use instant messaging in case you have a quick question.

mynd is not intended for medical purposes so in case of severe psychological problems such as deep traumas, suicidal thoughts, diseases and psychoses please do not use mynd. 

The most convenient way to use mynd is with your smartphone or tablet. It works both on iPhones and Android devices. You just need to have the latest version Chrome, Firefox or Safari installed. 

You can also use your computer providing it is equipped with a microphone and has the Chrome, Firefox or safari installed (preferably the latest version). Unfortunately, Mynd doesn’t work with Internet Explorer.

You also need a stable connection to the Internet of at least 1 Mbit/s but it is rather uncommon nowadays to have a slower one.

Our coaches

Our coaches

All mynd’s coaches are clinical and health psychologists with years of practice. They all are certified for psychological online counselling.

Also, our coaches abide by a strict deontology code which preserves your privacy. What you exchange with your coach remains between you two and is strictly confidential.

You can start chatting with them right away. They usually answer within the same or next business day so you can book your first consultation.

Soon, we’ll keep you posted. However our coaches are professionals trained to deliver personalised experience for each and every one of our clients.

mynd’s coaching is based on CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) that helps you to track important events that triggered your behaviour and then finds a way how to improve your state of mind and avoid possible triggers.

Your first coaching session takes 20 to 30 minutes. Then, the duration of additional coaching sessions is in general 30 minutes. However, you can always agree with your coach for a longer session when you need more time.

It really depends on your problem or what you are trying to achieve, but the number of sessions is virtually limitless.

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The first session is free, without any commitment.

Then, if you are convinced, it depends on the plan you choose. If you subscribe to the Personal Chat plan : for CHF 25 per month, you get access to 30 minutes of text chat each month, without any commitment (you stop when you want). If you want an audio/visio coaching, the session will costs CHF 45 per 30 min.

You can upgrade anytime with immediate effect. Yet, downgrading to pay-per-use plan takes effect with the start of the next month.

You can cancel your subscription anytime. The cancellation is effective with the start of the next month.

mynd.ch does not provide healthcare services nor psychotherapy. Unfortunately, lifestyle coaching even if provided by trained psychologists is not reimbursed by basic or supplemental health insurance in Switzerland.


Who we are

mynd.ch is brought to you by Groupe Mutuel, one of the leading personal and health insurance companies in Switzerland.
We developed mynd because we strongly believe that mental wellbeing is an integral part of everyone’s health and that it should be included in basic healthcare. Especially in this field, prevention is the key so mynd’s mission is to make mental health support available and accessible to each and everyone.

We respect our users privacy and make sure that your data is secure. The exchanges between our users and their coaches is strictly confidential and we make sure it remains so by encrypting all direct exchanges.

For more information, please have a look at our privacy policy.

mynd is brought to you in partnership with Insta Communication GmbH.

How it works

Create an account or log in.

For access to the mynd service, create your free, no-obligation account. This package offers you access to a free introductory session with one of our expert coaches.

Chat with your coach

Chat to your coach and discuss any issues you are currently facing

Book an appointment for your session

Your coach will offer you a free, introductory, session of 30 minutes. You can then schedule your next session with your coach. 

Log in to our website again

To participate in your scheduled session, via video conference or chat, you will need to log in to your account on our website.

Start your coaching

At the scheduled time of your session, your coach will contact you via chat or video conference and you will receive the call in your mynd personal space.

Choose your preferred package

At the end of your introductory session, your coach will offer you the possibility to book your next payable session.

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