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Highly qualified professionals

Our mynd coaches are psychologists and life coaches trained in online counselling methods. They are experts in their fields, in cognitive behavioural therapy, and have gained their expertise through many years of experience.


Our professionals offer their experience to guide you through your daily challenges, whether they be professional, relational, or family-related, or of a totally personal nature.

Approachable and responsive

Whatever your situation, need or end goals, choose one of our experts available to chat to you within hours, wherever you are

Our method

mynd platform combines user friendly digital systems with cognitive behavioural therapy techniques, providing you with an effective and practical solution.

Cognitive behavioural therapy

Cognitive behavioural therapy is one of the three pillars of contemporary psychology and has become a powerful tool used in life coaching today.

CBT offers a highly effective approach to changing unhealthy or harmful habits such as addictions, or modifying problematic behaviours such as anxiety or shyness. It focuses on the cognitive and emotional mechanisms responsible for our behaviour and enables us to work on them successfully. The mynd coaches are specialised in dealing with such issues and are available to offer advice and support to help you make the right choices and experience long-term improvements.

cognitive behavioural therapy

Our approach

According to your needs

With mynd you can chat with your coach from your smartphone, computer or tablet. You can opt for video or audio calls, or just chat if you prefer it.

Fast and effective

All communication is carried out online, so you can choose the time slot that suits you and best. No matter where you are.

In total confidentiality

mynd offers you a safe and private space to talk. Everything you say to your coach is kept strictly confidential

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