Maintaining good communication when working remotely

Working from home certainly has many advantages, but how does this affect our working relationships? How can we make sure that the working atmosphere is not affected, how can we avoid losing track of our priorities, being overwhelmed or lost in the new organisation that this situation requires?

Tips and tricks : How to maintain good communication when teleworking.

Daniel Sigrist and Ramona Zenger give you some recommendations for communication in a decentralised team, in German.
Edith Page speaks about “infobesity”, in French, and gives us some tips to support our teamwork when working from home.

If you are interested in the subject of home office organisation, click here to find out how to have time on your side in home office.

Daniel Sigrist and Ramona Zenger
Psychologist-Yoga teacher and Psychotherapist
Edith Page
Digital communication expert

The aim of these videos is not to give you an exhaustive list of tips, as we are all different and so are our needs. That’s also why we’ve developed mynd with experienced coaches who can accompany you in all kinds of life situations. Including in cases of stress or exhaustion caused by working from home.

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