Do you know, do you love

KNOW YOURSELF, SAID SOCRATES, A GREEK PHILOSOPHER OF THE 5TH CENTURY (BC). WHICH IS EASIER SAID THAN DONE. IT IS THE STORY OF OUR HUMAN LIVES. Who can never claim to know oneself “by heart”? However, there are solutions to know oneself a little bit better, to accept yourself with your qualities and faults and thus evolve and achieve yourself.
Do you know, do you love
Knowing and loving yourself

Knowing yourself is a personal development.  And loving yourself consists of accepting yourself with kindness after having recognised yourself.

Personal development is a term that is sometimes overused. It brings together a set of ways of thinking, centuries old for some, and have been developed strongly over the past 70 to 30 years.

You may have heard of Alfred Adler‘s and Carl Gustav Jung‘s work (Swiss psychiatrist), the methods of Dale Carnegie, the Coué method, the humanistic psychology of Maslow and Carl Rogers, positive thinking, more recently NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming (pragmatic approach developed around 1970 by Bandler and Grinder) and positive psychology by Seligman (1998).

All these methods aim to improve self-knowledge and talents, quality of life and the fulfilment of desires or even dreams, through mental coaching. These are not psychotherapies rather behavioural support to facilitate personal transformation: for example, getting rid of harmful habits, improving one’s performances, and asserting yourself.

Within personal development, the mental coach will check how to develop the needs for self-realisation that nourish the feeling of fulfilment.

Isn’t it nicer to do what makes sense for you? You still have to know yourself and know what makes you tick.

Mental coaching
Interests of knowing and loving oneself?

Blaise Pascal, mathematician, and philosopher of the 17th century already told us:
‘’You have to know yourself: when it wouldn’t help to find the truth, it at least helps to regulate your life, and there is nothing more appropriate than that.’’

Yet knowing yourself also assumes that we all have our own view of the world and of ourselves. The perception of who we are will be different from one individual to another.
Mental coaching opens the different visions that we may achieve of our own talents and of who we really are. It allows us to refine the different views about our own behaviour.

Benefits of knowing and loving oneself
How to go about getting to know oneself better?

Taking an interest in personal development is no longer a taboo and is more and more recognised as a way of liberation towards the awareness of who the person is and his personal future.

It is also a way to calmly develop a critical mind and positive thinking about yourself, to regain great self-confidence.

Calling on a mental coach helps speed up the process by working on the following plans:

Mynd offers you mental coaching in the sense and spirit that suits you.

Depending on your needs and what you want to change, the mynd mental coach will be able to choose and implement the most appropriate methods in all goodwill and efficiency.

written by Edith Page

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