THERE ARE MANY ADVANTAGES TO SPORT. Practicing a sport can help you keep fit and improve your health, and it also has a strong social element. But sport is not just beneficial for your physical and social wellbeing. Sport also helps us to develop our mental fortitude, a trait which is helpful in many situations in life.

Whether you play on a team, train solo or attend group training, it encourages you to develop your skills and overcome your limitations.

In this article, I will show you how sport can help contribute to developing your mental fortitude.


Goal-oriented thinking

Sport is an excellent way of helping people to focus on goals, with regular achievements that help them stay motivated. They also learn to be patient, particularly when they find that the goals are not so easy to achieve and will take more time to reach.


Sport teaches you to do things that are not always fun but that serve a higher purpose. You learn to stop looking for excuses and to follow through on your commitments. The ability to exercise self-control in order to achieve future goals is a valuable skill in all areas of life.


Cooperating with others is essential in order to function effectively in your society, family and workplace. Many sports promote teamwork, cooperation and collaboration. Working towards a goal with a training partner or in a group and motivating and supporting each other helps to enhance your own teamworking skills.

Overcoming obstacles

Not every training session is fun. Sometimes we are tired after work, it is raining outside, or we have to get up an hour earlier in order to train in the morning. It can be difficult to overcome these obstacles and maintain your motivation to train.
But it is precisely this ability to overcome challenges that is a key component of mental fortitude and that helps us to exercise more control over our own achievements.


Strategies to improve your mental fortitude

Sport improves mental health as much as physical health. Mental fortitude is a major key component of both personal success and gaining more control over your life.
So seek out the next challenge, stay positive, and achieve your goals.

written by Tania Ferreira

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