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SUMMER, SUN, HOLIDAYS! ISN’T IT A WONDERFUL TIME WE ALL LOOK FORWARD TO? NO WORK, NO OBLIGATIONS, NO… WELL. EVEN WHEN WE’RE OFF WORK, WE’RE NOT ALWAYS ENTIRELY FREE. All those relatives abroad might want us to pay them a visit. Or maybe our ideal holiday is not quite what our partner and children might have in mind. Or at work, that one project just happens to come in right before the holidays. We’re going to give you some tips and tricks on how you can enjoy your holidays stress-free and renew your strength and energy without any worries.

There’s no doubt you’ve been looking forward to your holidays for a long time already. And yet even now, you just know that you won’t have enough free time for all the things you have planned. Already trying to work out how to balance it all? Between pleasing everyone and still taking time to recover and do what you want to do?

Let’s not forget, you still have so much to do at work that you haven’t a clue how you’ll get everything done before the holidays. In actual fact, you can’t even afford to take time off. Most likely, it will all end in one big marathon, just like every other time. You need every last drop of energy to get everything done in time, just so you can start off your holidays feeling uneasy. You’re well aware that things will be back to the same old routine once your holidays are over.

To put it simply: Do you feel stressed before the holidays have even begun? Are you wondering what you can do to start off the holidays stress-free and then enjoy them to the fullest?

start your holidays stress-free

5 tips on how you can start your holidays stress-free

Tip 1 : Sort out your holiday cover

Identify clearly who will be taking over your responsibilities during your absence. Hand over ongoing tasks and give your colleagues the chance to discuss with you ahead of time about what needs to be done.

Tip 2 : Clarify your availability

Management employees in particular often have to be on call at all times. Clarify in advance when you can be reached by phone or will read your emails. Make sure you stick to these times and don’t make any exceptions.

Tip 3 : Compose an out-of-office note

Inform your most important contacts of your absence and who will be covering you well ahead of time. You can let any other contacts know about this using the out-of-office assistant. This should contain the following information: The date you return, who is covering you and a note on whether the email will be forwarded.

Tip 4: To-do list

Before you take your holidays, write a list of points you will have to deal with when you come back. This will help you to stop thinking about any open issues while you’re on leave.

Tip 5 : Give yourself a “comeback” day

Activate your out-of-office assistant for an additional day. This will give you the chance to familiarise yourself with your work again, go through all your emails in a relaxed setting and set priorities without feeling stressed again straight away.

Just one small point: Anyone can be replaced. But everyone will be glad to see you back at work and able to support your colleagues again.

Enjoy the holidays stress-free

Congratulations! You’ve started your holidays without any worries. But wait – how can you get through the holidays without any stress? Without feeling like you’re running out of time and are only trying to keep everyone else happy?

We’re here to help you with these 3 tips.

Tip 1 : Plan your holidays

Plan how you want to spend your holidays. Take time for the people important to you and plan any unpleasant visits outside of your holidays.

Tip 2 : Holidays are for holidays

Holidays aren’t supposed to act as a buffer for all the things you haven’t gotten round to yet or which you should have done ages ago. There’s no room for these things in your holidays. Write them on a to-do list and deal with them outside of your holiday time.

Tip 3 : Take time for yourself

Even if you want to make a lot of people happy during the holidays, don’t forget to take time for yourself. Maybe you want to work out, read a good book, sleep in or just do what you want – without feeling bad about it. Let those around you know you will be taking some “me-time”. This way, it won’t be up for discussion. You can then be fully available to other people the rest of the time.

So now what? Time to kick off your holidays – stress-free! We hope you have a great time without any worries.


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written by Felicitas Jucker

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