How to succeed in thinking positively

THINKING POSITIVELY HELPS US GETTING THROUGH THE DAY AND ACHIEVE OUR GOALS.  However, it is difficult to always have a positive mind and maintain resilience.

During the pandemic, many might have found themselves in a negative spiral, as our daily life is not what we are used to. It might be hard to maintain positive thinking all the time, and that is also perfectly fine and a part of being human. Yet, we do not want the negative thoughts to be too persistent, which might lead to bitterness, anger and worst-case long-term depression. Therefore, we have developed some good tips and tricks for you to be resilient and apply a positive mindset.

How to succeed in thinking positively

6 easy things to do to succeed in thinking positively

Allow yourself to separate from the negative thought

Allow yourself to separate from the negative thought. Give yourself for instance, 5 minutes, to be with that thought, recognise it, acknowledge it and then let it go – move on with your day.

“Good morning sunshine”

When waking up in the morning, look yourself in the mirror, smile to yourself and e.g. use the phrase “Good morning sunshine”. The activation of the smiling muscle, zygomaticus major, is helping the brain to believe that we are happy.

Talk positively to yourself

Talk positively to yourself, give yourself complements and focus on your strengths. Nothing good comes out when we keep beating us selves up all the time.

Write your thoughts down

If having a bad day or find it difficult to get rid of negative thoughts, try to write your thoughts down. It is easier to “place” the thoughts somewhere and then move on. Remember, it does not have to be structured and you do not have to write a whole essay.

Try to not dwell too long about mistakes

Try to not dwell too long about mistakes that have been made. We have a tendency to outweigh the negative with the positive happenings that occur in our life – that is a part of human nature. Try to take a moment to think about the positive things that has happened that day, to overcome the negative and less pleasant memories.

Count your blessings

Count your blessings. We know that by practicing gratitude, we also experience a sense of positivity. When experience challenging situations, remind yourself to find out what you are grateful for at that moment. It is a helpful way to switch the mode into positive thinking.

How to succeed in thinking positively

Get out of the negative spiral

Ultimately, it is normal to have both positive and negative thoughts in periods, but if we find it difficult to get out of the negative spiral it might be helpful to take a step out of the situation and see it from a different angle.

Furthermore, talking to a coach or someone familiar can also be a solution to reach a more positive mindset. We know that it helps to share our thoughts and to get some different perspectives. You might even notice that you are not the only one feeling this way, which can also be reassuring at times.

written by Henriette Saevil

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