How You Can Stop Your Negative Thought Spiral


We’ve all had them: racing thoughts that just won’t stop. An endless steam constantly cycling through the same negative things.

In reality, we know that this kind of thinking gets us nowhere. Sometimes, this thought pattern goes away on its own. But sometimes, the situation is too much and the thoughts just carry on spiralling. It can make us feel trapped and anxious, massively impacting both our mood and our mental health. Negative thoughts trigger stress, and can lead to headaches, problems sleeping and other illnesses.

Are you asking yourself how you can calm your mind and stop these spiralling worries? With mental coaching! You can get started here and now. Shall we?

Say ‘STOP’

As simple as it is effective. Try it for yourself. Next time those racing thoughts are bothering you, hold up a red STOP sign. Like the ones you see by the side of the road. Imagine yourself holding this sign up in front of your thoughts and say ‘STOP’ loudly for as long as it takes for your thoughts to stop. Now turn your attention to an activity that will distract you so that these negative thoughts can’t start to spiral again.
Congratulations! You’ve just mastered your first important step.

A tip: if you’re struggling to imagine a STOP sign, save an image to your phone. Click – look – shout stop.

It’s important to know that the more often you use this technique, the more quickly you can disrupt spiralling thoughts.

How You Can Stop Your Negative Thought Spiral

Goodbye Negative Thoughts, Hello Good Vibes

The Best Mental Coaching Tips

  • You are the boss

You decide what you think. And how you think defines how you feel. You always have the choice of how you want to feel and how you emotionally react to any situation. You are the boss – you control your thoughts.

  • The power of thoughts

Is your life a battle or a gift? A game or a tightrope to walk? How you see and describe your life becomes how it is and how it feels.

  • The magic of gratitude

Gratitude is a really powerful feeling, and it’s very easy to cultivate! No matter what your mood currently is, consciously think of something you’re grateful for. Maybe you’re thankful for a warm meal or a cosy duvet today. Motivate yourself to do this often, and it will immediately lighten your mood.

  • Hold yourself well

You can change your thoughts immediately by changing your body language. Your facial expressions, gestures and posture have a direct link to your feelings. So, shoulders back, chest out, straight back and smile. Look how you’re glowing now!

  • ‘Clothes maketh the man’

Go for a colourful jumper today, and delve into the depths of your wardrobe from time to time. Put on something you haven’t worn for a while and smarten yourself up. It feels different, right? This new look has a direct impact on your body language and therefore your feelings.

  • Look back on the positive

Each evening, think about your day. What good things have you experienced today? Think of three things that have touched you. Can’t think of anything? Maybe it was a warm sunbeam or a nice greeting from the man behind the till. You’ll soon see: the more you notice positive things, the easier it will become. A great motivation: after a week, you’ll have a list of 21 lovely memories.

  • Relaxation and calmness through breathing

Breathing is directly linked to your nervous system. If you breathe right, it will calm you down in next to no time. Breathe twice as long out as in. Count to four while breathing in and at least eight when breathing out.


How do you feel now? Have those spiralling thoughts disappeared? Or are they coming back? Are you desperately trying to stop the spiralling thoughts and getting frustrated that you can’t? Instead of calming down, are you thinking, ‘why can’t I do this? What’s wrong with me? I just can’t get this under control!’?

Accept that it is what it is. You have already taken a step forwards and recognised the problem. What’s more, you have good mental tools to actively do something about it. You now know some little tricks you can use to positively impact your own thoughts. Don’t give up, and keep trying.

How You Can Stop Your Negative Thought Spiral

Another Trick: Get Your Thoughts out of Your Head

Take a pen and a piece of paper, and write all the thoughts racing through your head for ten minutes.

Just be brave: just let it out, no matter what ends up on the paper. Don’t be shocked if the paper only contains a couple of thoughts on permanent repeat. This constant cycling through the same thoughts just gives us the impression that there are lots of different thoughts. This exercise brings clarity to your mind so you can recognise that you are thinking too much about:

  • The past. This makes no sense, as you can’t change it. Let go of the past.
  • The future. Or worries about the future. But the future does not yet exist. It’s interesting that 80% of our worries never happen. You can worry about the other 20% when the time comes.

I know, it’s much easier said than done. But I’m sure that you will find the motivation to stop your negative thought spirals and find more happiness with mental coaching.

Here at mynd, we’d be happy to support you on your path to balance and better health.
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written by Felicitas Jucker

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