Introducing mynd, your mind coach

Life is full of ups and downs. It’s not necessarily a bad thing because if everything was shiny and rosy all the time, we’d lose the ability to fully appreciate it. Usually we can get over the downs ourselves but sometimes they are so low or last so long that we could use a little help. Yet, we are often too shy, modest or afraid that professional support necessarily means a long-term commitment. mynd is here to change that.

Introducing mynd, your mind coach

Throughout our lives we encounter many difficult situations, troubles, anxieties and complications. It could be work related problems, burnout or stress, which by some is the most common and dangerous disease of our times. Or we can struggle with relationships, challenging life situations like death in a family, serious illness or more or less persistent anxieties including concerns about the environment.

Yet, when we are feeling bad in our heads, we mostly never see the doctor or wait awfully long.

The problem with problems

The trouble is that when we experience some of the issues described above and not feeling well mentally, we aren’t treating it the same way as when we aren’t feeling well physically. When having high temperatures, we wait a few days in bed and if it doesn’t go away, we go to the doctors. Yet, when we are feeling bad in our heads, we mostly never see the doctor or wait awfully long. This is because doctor in this sense means psychologist and that – let’s admit it – unfortunately comes with a stigma. And while we are far from discouraging you from seeking an appointment with a psychologist if you feel like that’s the right thing to do, mynd is here to offer an alternative.

Let’s talk but online

Simply put, mynd is a psychological coaching service. Yes, you are reading right: there is indeed the word “psychological”. And that’s apt because all the mynd’s coaches are graduated psychologists with years of experience. So, what’s the big deal, you might think. How does it differ from a regular psychologic appointment? Well, the main difference is that it all happens online. You don’t have to go anywhere. No meeting strangers in the waiting rooms, just use your computer or even smartphone anywhere you like and at a time of your choosing. And don’t worry, everything is strictly confidential since mynd’s app adheres to the most severe European data protection directive (GDPR) and the communication between you and the coach is end-to-end encrypted.

Introducing mynd, your mind coach
Other benefits of mynd

Another characteristic attribute of mynd is that its coaches use cognitive-behavioral methodology, which among other benefits allows focusing on problematic patterns in our thoughts or behavior so these can then be more easily tackled by taking small steps. Also, unlike psychologist appointments which mostly take an hour, mynd’s coaching sessions usually last 30 minutes, yet you have the option to book a longer session as well. You can also ask additional questions to your coach outside your coaching session by text messaging provided the coach doesn’t spend more than 20 minutes a month on them and you have signed up to a subscription plan.

Try mynd for free

But you can of course use mynd with any strings attached and talk to your coach on a pay-per-consultation basis. Yet, besides the above-mentioned option of text messaging, paying a small monthly fee will get you a significantly reduced price for coaching sessions as well as additional benefits. And the best thing is that it’s really easy to start because the first coaching session is free. All it takes is a quick sign in and you can schedule a session at a convenient time.

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