Meal Planning -

Meal Planning

THE CHEMISTRY OF OUR BRAIN VARIES ACCORDING TO OUR DIET; OUR MORALE AND OUR EMOTIONS DEPEND HEAVILY ON WHAT WE EAT. In addition, in times of health crisis, we do not want to spend hours wandering the store’s aisles to find the ingredients for our recipes and it is not uncommon to ask ourselves several times a week “What am I going to cook?”

In addition to helping adopt a healthy, varied and balanced diet, Meal Planning helps reduce the mental load, reduce stress when preparing the meal, save time on the day of errands, etc. Everithing to pamper your mental well-being.

What is meal planning?

The technique of “meal planning” consists of planning your meals over several days. This will prevent you from always eating the same thing and eating unbalanced meals, and at the same time improving your stress and anxiety response.

The technique is simple:

Planning: It could be Sunday for the week ahead or, quite simply, a quiet day in your week to think about meals for the following week. Refer to the seasonal vegetable calendar to simplify and balance your menus. Involve the whole family, organise themed weeks… the goal is to variate and make meals a pleasure for everyone.

Choose simple recipes with seasonal ingredients that are easy to store. Select these recipes with the same ingredients so that they can be used for multiple meals.

I suggest you get started by testing this technique for yourself with this winter menu planning:


To unlock the recipes, we invite you to visit our partner solution myDiabCheck – specialised in the prevention of type 2 diabetes.


And to have all of these explanations in training and the benefits of “meal planning” at home and at work, do not hesitate to watch our last webinar (in french) regarding the theme “Managing your diet for a healthy and peaceful recovery”.

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