Holidays – stressfree

Stress-free holidays

Stress-free holidays – Do you feel stressed before the holidays have even begun? Learn in this article what you can do to start off the holidays stress-free and then enjoy them to the fullest.

How to manage your test stress

stress in relationship

Test anxiety and test stress – we are all familiar with these unpleasant feelings. Regardless of how old we are or how much experience we have, tests always cause us stress. With our tips, take control of your test anxiety.

How to recognise and manage chronic stress

chronic stress management

We all experience stress and periods when we are irritable and overwhelmed. Stress is not in principle negative. But you probably also know that chronic stress can make you sick. So how do we recognise that we are chronically stressed and how do we manage it ?

Eating disorders and cognitive behavioural therapy


Eating disorders are a mental health disorder that mostly affect women, but we
do see an increasing trend amongst men as well. They are
mostly concerning a person’s weight and shape by controlling one’s food
behaviour. Cognitive behavioural therapy is the primary evidence-based
treatment for eating disorder. Learn in this article how it works.