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Elena Cascarigny


Experience : 3 years 

Title : Master Sc. Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, – Sigmund Freud University of Paris


Welcome. You need change in your life ? You feel down at times ? You’re not alone. We all suffer at times. The fundamental quetsion is “How do we face this suffering ?” You can learn to grow from your fears and sorrows, to invite joy into your life, to express your creative potential and to become actor in your life again.


Stefano Poletti

Clinical psychologist

Experience : 5 years 

Title : PhD in Social Sciences, section of Applied Cognitive Psychology – University of Padua


Existential incertitude challenges our worldviews unveiling our vulnerability and calling for comprehensive support. As a constructivist psychotherapist, I adapt to clients’ needs focusing on the construction of relevant cognitive-affective schemes.


Yeniffer Rosas

Yeniffer Rosas


Welcome! Are you in the process of changing and would like to find yourself? Crisis is a time of profound transformation where targeted support is the key to regaining your potential and autonomy. As an experienced and registered psychologist I use an integrative approach. Happy to guide you towards your essence.

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